Tit Torture

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So I went to this crack whore and promised her 1000$ to abuse her tits and nipples. I would never fuck a sick puppy like that, but what’s wrong with some nice sadistic fun? I just promised no permanent damage will be done. The whore was greedy and agreed. In the remote motel room I tied her down and used 4 alligator clamps to play. I had fun. She was screaming and told me I should stop. After 20 minutes I got bored and told her I would stop if she would reduce the cost for the treatment from 1000$ to 2$ and she agreed to get it over with. Stupid whore. She was not happy that I took some pics either. I untied her, waved the 2 bucks on the bed and left while she was still naked and bruised and sobbing. What a stupid whore. I like stupid whores. They don’t like me. I don’t care.